To the guy who’s never gonna reciprocate the love I have for


Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh 1-pink-rose-robert-thomaston.jpg

I swear I was destined to be wrong again

My hear kept beating loudly as a car’s siren

I was gasping for air, I couldn’t breathe

A numb sensation covered me but there were gnashing teeth

I fell, and everything that falls break

As soon as I loved you, the world’s at stake

You changed everything, you deliberately forced it to happen

Nights are grown,days are shorten

I knew for sure what I felt was real

But you struck me in my chest, took my heart out

Squeezed all the blood from it and placed it back

Maybe I’m still breathing but you killed me

You didn’t do it once, you did it everyday when I wake up

I continually sensed the pain

I abstained your action cause I love you

Even when you don’t love me  back

Now that we’re off to our own lives

You can easily throw me away like a speck of dust on your shoulder

While I continue to wail about my feelings

Yet one question kept me up all night

Do you love me too?

Just imagine the regret if you did so too.

Tingle Bingle



Your eyes covered by those thick frames

Can see past my soul and through my heart

Your hair, the way they stay that way 

I’d think of it until you planned to shave them off

I can’t look you in the eye

Or else I’ll end up looking down smiling

 I can’t stay calm knowing you’re around

My nerves are crazy, hyped and energetic

By the way you smile, I just feel so light

Like all my problems floated with their wings

If only I could see you smile everyday

I’d live on that moment forever

My first tingle bingle and you’re the bingo

How did it ever start to be this way?

I never expected this to happen

Never knew it would be you

I like you how I like saying the word ‘like’

You’re on my mind like butter on toast

Your warm touch is something I’m searching for

But… do you like me too?

It’s hard to ask because it’s hard to know

Scared of hearing ‘no’, surprised of hearing ‘yes’

When could it be? When could we be?

We? It’s a dream, a crazy metaphoric dream

If we ever had a song, I’d name it ‘You’

You are my harmony, you are my rhyme

You keep my rhythm not in blues

You complete my music staff

Cheesy? Don’t worry I hate cheese

But I like the words ‘stuff’ and ‘food’… foodstuffs!

We can binge on some popcorn

While also binging on some film 

Tell me it’s not just me and my stupid fantasy

Is there a tiny gap for me in your heart

Or is it just me?

I don’t like that

You? Me?


The best words in this planet that shouldn’t be put together by the conjunction ‘and’. Probably because such a thing does not exist nor does the universe fated it to be. But all my ‘what-ifs’ led me into thinking my life with you. I’m sorry that I like you. I’m sorry for what I feel. I don’t know. I want to stop it. I want to shed it off the weight of my heart but I can’t. This predicament is leading my soul to darkness. For every time I see you all happy with another, my body starts to collapse, unwilling shattering to thousands of specks.

Two sentences this mouth can never say. I’m afraid of rejection. I’m scared of resentment. I’m worried of awkwardness. I’m afraid. I’m terrified. I’m weak. This weakling is having the worst breakdown in her mind. WHY DO I LIKE YOU?
Can somebody tell me why?
Explain it. Explain. I can’t process things. I can’t understand. I am unable.

Days passed by, I started feeling your hatred and angst for me. I don’t know why or I can’t denote how. Please stop. If you can’t accept me, respect me as a person. Darling, you’re killing my heart. You’re killing my brain. You’re killing.
And you don’t even know what you are capable of.

Actions can kill. Words can kill.
Love made me experience it.
Love? Is it something worthwhile.
Before, when I think about love, I think of a bright red-colored heart.
Now, I see you, I see your hand holding mine. Is it real? Or is it just a dream? Tell me…

Maybe I’m dumb. Maybe I’m stupid, stupid for falling. I fell.
I fell on your presence.
Your form, your scent, your smile, your hair, they all linger in my system.
Why aren’t you going away?
Why do I feel this way?
Darling, darling may I call?

I love you. Is it too early to tell?
Is it?
Or do you not feel me?
I hate you. You’re damn stupid.
Pardon, I am damn stupid.




Bros! Please stop sending chain mails. Why? Here’s why;

  1.  It inflicts fear
    Fear of the consequence will grow inside the head of the reader. Making him susceptible to anxiety and panic. If for example, the message says “Share this to 40 friends or you’ll die”, there is no doubt the reader will be frightened and so will his/her friends. It’s never a nice, peaceful world where fear grows every now and then.
    “Have the courage to end it. Don’t forward the message. Instead go on, nothing will happen. If something did, what are the possibilities?”

  2. Wastes time
    You really are just wasting your time sending it to your friends or even to bother reading it. Life is short, invest the time you have left for your family, profession or a hobby.

  3. This has been going on for a decade
    C’mon everyone, seriously?!?! It’s 2015, wake up! No one believes on that.
    “GROW UP!”

  4. People would do the silliest request
    Oh, I have seen people going through those chain mails and doing everything it says for immunity or for the prize it says. LIKE WHAT? Bruh, just, lol I can’t. I’ve seen people do it. -_-

  5. Internet people posts these stuff / sends these stuff for fame
         Imagine someone saying. Like/Comment/Share… Retweet for … Reblog for…   They just want their page to be famous. BROS PLEASE JUST NO
    It’s not funny, you won’t have luck for that retweet, it will just make you stupid for falling into the trap. NOTHING scary will happen if you don’t reblog or share that.


    Don’t you dare attach the name of God.
    His Holy Name
    Don’t use it
    How disrespectful

    Like for Heaven
    Ignore for Devil

    BROS COULD YOU JUST?!?! *sighs*

    Let’s get this on point. Did God ever tell us that our key to heaven is liking a post?


    It’s probably fine to share quotes from the bible or for a prayer. In fact, it’s our mission! TO SHARE THE WORD OF GOD



    There are some good chain mails. (not called a chain mail)
    It could be a prayer brigade or a message containing nice words to greet the day that you can send to your friends. We call it Happy Greetings! Those are the nice ‘group messages’.

    Maybe it is okay to send chain messages. I just wish you enough discernment to know which to forward. :)

Rights & Freedom VS My Church’s Teachings


In all honesty, I have no shame in saying that I love the ‘LGBT’ community. Especially, back then I was a part of it. And now that countries from all over the world adjusted their systems to initiate the right of all men whether straight, bi, trans, gay, lesbian, or basically in all other terms there is for what you are, you have an equal right to present who you are, equal right to marry the person you love, equal right to express who and what makes you a person. It’s a beauty. It’s a way of showing that we have choices in life that could either reprimand us or acknowledge us. I love my co human beings. The labels, race, religion, or to what group we belong to does not deem us good or bad in society. I love my men just because I still believe that we are all good, true that we do make mistakes but quite frankly, it’s human nature. I love people cause we are brothers in this world and we are companions into the fate that lies upon us in this galaxy.

PS. there are people who maltreated me and the people I love and it takes guts to love those people so just you know, understand my exceptions 

On the other half, my religious leaders tend to conserve what there is from then and now. They preserve the doctrines of the early church or better yet what is scripted in our Holy Book. I admit that I am somebody who is fervent to the church. My faith and belief hold strongly to what I believe in and what I focus my life on.

This is one of the issues where I am really really really blue about. Unlike the Reproductive Health Bill Issue and other issues that involves the church and the state, on all those other topics, I have a stable answer to. It sucks cause I can’t make up my mind on this one.

I also know that you cannot put ‘religion’ in debates because not everyone has the same religion. But come to think of it, religion plays an evident role in the way we think and how we put our lives into work. (my mind’s messed up, bros)

 I love my church and to it shall I abide

But my past experience says otherwise


So here’s my vote.

I HAVE NO IDEA. When it comes to gender, no one should put their votes in.

Why, you say?

Because when it comes to gender, we would all choose the side on the party we belong to.

When it comes to gender, no one freaking is omniscient.

(I know for a fact that some Church people would side with same-sex marriage when they are in fact, not STRAIGHT)

(I know for a fact that some ‘LGBT’ would side with Christian teachings for in fact, they have immense faith)

If you have thoughts you wanna share, please comment. So, in both ways, we help ourselves learn more.

I’m a girl and I can (perhaps)


              Yes, I’m a girl and I always hear people say I cannot.


yes cute isn’t it?

I remember that time when I told my mum that I wanted to be a priest. I know I can’t cause I’m a girl. No worries, I researched on why women can’t be priests but still, I can’t seem to comprehend the predicament. But anyways, dream over cause girls can’t. No hate on religion and how the leaders run things\

I recall the trip I had with my grandfather. We went on our farm and there was this mango tree. I wanted to climb but he told me no. Girls can’t climb trees, only men.

I reminisce one instance when my teacher wouldn’t let me help out because I’m a girl. Instead he waited for the boys to be of aid. He said no to my face cause I’m a girl; a weak girl.

Sometimes, we often think that when men say “you can’t cause you’re a girl”, it means they are degrading us. #MenEmpowerment

But really

I get offended but I think they were just trying to be polite. Traditions, cultures, & routines of the past specialized on making women prim, proper, homely, & graceful. Back then, our ancestors were trying to keep the purity of women.

Gentlemen, doing the work for the ladies.

We can never really tell if an action done is bad or good. There are good intentions behind bad actions done. There are bad intentions behind good actions done

(Except when you know what they’re doing is rude and obscene)

I’m writing this because I can.

I’m telling you my opinion because I can

I still have my faith on humanity because I still do.

I still trust men because I can.

Let’s make things right

For our future brethren

Be courteous. Be honest. Be charitable. Be dignified.



My heart hurts

I know, so does yours

Thing is, you probably felt it before and this is the first time mine did

Periods when I can’t think straight

Periods when I don’t want to do a thing

I barely even make an effort on writing this

My brain hurts

I know, cause it’s who and what I am

Truth is, my thoughts are stabbing me and in this memory I fall and fall hopelessly

Moments when I can’t say a word

Moments when life could drag me around

I barely even rise from my bed

My eyes hurt

I know, it’s you who I see, no one else

It is, and I can’t seem to denote how to get you out

Visions of the first time I saw you

Visions of the day I just ruptured

I barely even see the light

My stomach hurts

I know,  my creatures can’t find any pollen

Fear is, losing something that was never yours but you thought it was, drip of thought

That feeling you get when you know you’re going to fall and you kept waiting for the impact

That feeling you get when a someone asks you out but then was just tripping with friends

I barely even eat since you decided to leave

All my organs hurt

I know, you know, both of us know, you did it; a criminal, a traitor, a swine

Hatred is, I hate myself, hate myself that I could never stop loving you

I assumed that you’ll come back and be here but I could hope forever, just hope

I assumed that time would heal my broken organs, organs that were meant for you to break, but it didn’t

I barely even, barely even at at all