Wildest Dreams~

not mine

Have you been dreaming lately?

Well, as crazy as it sounds, I don’t really remember my dreams that much at night. Scientists says that everyone has 2-3 dreams per night, it’s just that we don’t remember it. Isn’t it cool? Even if we are sleeping, our brains still function and enter into its sub-conscious state. That is cool. It’s like experiencing something unreal but we feel, we see, we hear it. How do they work?

I don’t know. Did someone discover it? Well, I’m not smart and I don’t know. Are dreams real? Like is there a world? Like do we substantially transfer our physical form into another ‘dream’ world?

Literally have no idea

I think about the blind people, they must admire the whole dream thing, and how amazing could it be when they see us and other different things as what they are in dreams. Like for example, a tree, when blind people dream, do they see a tree as what it exactly is?

Great~  I want to interview a blind person next time.

So I wanna hear from you, what do you dream about? Care to tell me? That would be fantastic!

1. Go For Wings

not mine

One misty day, there lived thousands of fairies of all sorts. There were red fairies; the warriors, there were yellow fairies; keeper of all gold, there were blue fairies; purifier of water, there were purple fairies, the peacekeepers, there were green fairies, the land workers and there were orange fairies; the highest cast of fairies. They presume that the orange fairies are their kings and queens. And no one shall go against them. In all other aspects, they make all the other fairies work for their land and work until they fall from weariness. The orange fairies were feared, like a lion, they roamed the village. Everybody here was searching for something more. They were searching for a hero.

On a corner of a street, lived a pink fairy, yes, she was different, she had no wings, and no particular set of cast. No friends, no family, no one to accompany her. Her name is Lea. She is no ordinary fairy, nor was she better. Lea had this dream of being the hero everyone is looking for. But she had no wings, she had no friends, she has nothing. She never stopped looking for answers, she never stopped learning the truth, she never stopped looking for her cast-mates.

So then, the adventure begins! She set out to every district looking for answers, asking everyone if they knew anyone of pink. But no one knew. At District Tanusia, there she met an old blue fairy. “Hello, there! Excuse me, but I am Lea and do you know anyone who is like me?” she asked. “What do you mean?” the lady questioned back.


“No child, sorry”

At District Refeirt, Lea didn’t have the chance to question anyone. It is because everyone is too busy and everyone is to snobby.

She set out further, walking and not flying like the others. At District Gudyban, the busiest town ever, Lea bumped into someone, a green fairy.

“Excuse me?” a boy her age hissed.

“Sorry, I was looking for something I didn’t…” Lea stopped when the boy cut through her sentence.

“You’re a pink too?” the boy whispered.

“Is that a good thing?” Lea said.

The boy abruptly threw a heavy sack-like cloth over Lea to hide her from everyone. “What are you doing?” she angrily asked trying to break through the cloth. “Listen to me, I have no bad intentions for you, I need you to listen to me.” he said quietly.

“My name is Josh and I’m taking you to our place, my grandmother can answer your questions.”

“What do you mean, is she pink?”

“Yeah, she is. It is unsafe for anyone like you here outside”

Josh then held his hand over Lea’s shoulder and they went a different direction. “I like this cape” Lea joked. Josh smiled

What… help


Hey everyone! It’s me again and I am on a break from SCHOOOOOL! 

Best Decision Ever!

Anyways, so how’s it going lads? I clearly have nothing much to say right now. Teehee..

But at least you know how obnoxiously lazy I am. Kidding, truth, school ended and yeah, it’s summmmmmerrrrrr!

Moving on, do you have anything to do? Cause I don’t! So, tell me what should I do?

Hit me up with a clue and tell me what’s on your mind.

I need a hobby.

Job Planning?


What should i say?

   Hi my name is Vin and I’m 14. This year I’d be turning 15 and yeah, sucks, I’m getting older. But, this would mean more challenges, more experience, more fun and more terrible, terrible stress. Moreover, at school we are given talks and lectures about what cool occupations should we get to be garner success!

  And this just sank my heart to the deepest abyss of earth. Personally, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!! I just want all these nature talks to stop. So, one time I visited a doctor because I was sick and he later on asked me what I want to be in the future. I was silent. My mom told him “she’s undecided”. The doctor frowned and said I should have some basis for my future and even at this age I should have my own choice and to find myself.


 First off, I study and do my projects on time at school and I felt like the doctor was trying to say that I’m one of those wayward kids who are into sex and drugs. Well, no. Just because I can’t find my forte yet doesn’t mean I’m a worthless piece of gum that you stick everywhere. Why is the world judging me? (I’m kidding)

  The good thing is, I’m still breathing and I’m still capable and surely, what I would become is just beneath a cloud in my brain. The truth is I really wanna be a Race car Driver but everyone says it’s not worthwhile. My family, my friends, they all say I’m wasting my academic years for this simple s##t!

It’s not even a real job! (They say)

 It makes me sad that these people in my life, these people I seem to get along with are trying to make me follow lives of others.

A doctor like Mr. Lee

A lawyer like Ms. Saunders

A diplomat like Mrs Evans

When would it be my turn to choose who I wanna be?

You force me to be this other person! But what about me?!

What about Vin who is waiting for you to take your hats of ignorance off?!



Hey guys I haven’t been writing for so long. The thing is I have been hospitalized and diagnosed with …….. ( let’s keep it low on that, okay? )

But one thing I could share is that Depression
led me into having this mind blogging mess. It’s really hard being happy and all in some given time and then figure out nobody cares. Trust me, I punch myself all the time literally and feel happy on another second.

I go to therapy all the time though but it’s really hard

You over there could say “Get over it” Well guess what I hope I could do that easily. People tell that to me almost every second of the day but really, it doesn’t help even by an inch.

Moving on, my mom has been helping me figure it all out. I don’t know if I’m stubborn or what… nothing is happening. I’m still sad, sick, ugly & alone. I only see her twice in a week.

I know it’s a common disorder and that most people have major depression I just want you to know that we could care for each other.

We could help each other out.

Why aren’t we doing that lately? Let’s do this thing!!

So, tell me how your day was. Type down in the comments below and give me your email account so we can start SHARING!!!

:) have a nice day


Things To Realize Part 2: Attitude & Manners



Here comes the sun! Try to cheer up my lonely friend. This is solely for the purpose of those people feeling alone and sad like me, I hope this could reach out to you and we can share the same feelings together.

Attitude and Manners

People who work at the market at night are always being directed to rearrange everything that is out of order and pick up new supplies and load them on the racks and shelves. They also have to make sure that the labels are facing the front. But the grocery stores are massive and yeah kinda creepy when you are alone at night. What if you were working there? And your co-workers are a hundred feet away? will you still do your job accurately?

Do your right job and do not cheat your way in. Our attitude and manners are rightfully tested when no one is looking. So if you see a nice man on the streets with hundred of people looking at him, beware, it may be only a figurehead just so people would honor him. What can I say? We can’t tell if a person’s intention is good.

To do good things needs work. Slacking off might be a great idea. But for those who wants to succeed, LEAVE it behind.

It may not seem that easy but if you want the world to change for you and be better, the change should start with … YOU. Start doing the right thing, even if others are mistreating you, just show kindness to them.
Even if they are rude or what, be the smart one and be kind.

Commonly, when you create a mistake and don’t do anything to make it better, there’s a voice in your head called ‘conscience’ and it can hunt you down for weeks, months and years and leave you with anxiety, guilt and regret. To make your conscience be sealed, do good things.

A man who has a silent & happy conscience is stronger. Strength enables him to withstand even the mightiest storm.

In our world, well educated people thinks highly of themselves cause they were enlightened. Well educated people thinks they are more worthy than the poor and needy. Well educated people thinks they are over us cause they have money.

There are a lot of articles I read saying that a nice man shows that he is educated since he didn’t scoop down the level of a person against him.
But now, l realize even if you are educated that doesn’t mean you are correct all the time.

Because in our generation, many people are educated and successful, but they lose what is essential and that is manners.

So SCHOOL <—– please remember that something worth knowing cannot be taught. It is found and realized by yourself using your experiences being tackled in your life’s timeline.

I am craazeeeh. Seriously I don’t remember what I just said in this article.

tell me your stories showing how you dealt with the world’s mess

Things to Realize Part 1: Happiness


I’m back! I’m here again with my series called Things to Realize. Basically, it is about stuff I learned in 2 months time while whining everyday. Life is a big pain, somehow happiness is quite dull and 15 miles away.

What makes you happy?

What makes you excited?

What is the best thing you love?

What gives you inspiration to live?

Basically, if it’s money, haha forget it. Money isn’t that discreet, it’s a number, it never ends. Your longing and desire for money never ends. Happiness starts when you accomplish or received something.

What I realized:

I realized that Happiness comes and go. You can be happy right now, you can be sad an hour later. It depends in your situation. The world will not stop giving pain and strife. NEWSFLASH! No one’s immune. Even if you are 10 ft tall, a billionaire or whatever, there’s problems ahead your line. The poor may say at least you are not feeling this, not feeling that, but we have different levels of thinking and actions. Things a person can do that you can’t. So being judgmental is a big mistake in our generation.

Just find happiness in small things and get excited. Appreciate the the little things you have please please please. Like taking a bath, watching a tv, lock in your brain that you haven’t done that for 3000 years…..

I am craaaaazzzzyyyy

If you are unhappy, and thinks that you can’t be happy anymore, here’s the thing:

Why don’t you say that you have JOY in your heart…?

JOY is different than happiness.

Grammatically yes…
But essentially no…

Joy is more than a state of being or characterized by.

It is the knowledge that God loves you and he will never leave you alone.

With God holding your hand, nothing can go wrong…..

I wanna be a person who gives talk!
contact me

tell me your story!

Tell me how your day was..