How to deal with little kids?


My neighbors

One day, I heard a knock from our back door and I saw my dad inviting two little kids into our house. (I was playing Minecraft at that time)

Sean : 4 years old

Faith : 6 years old

They were both nice and pleasant for awhile then after a couple of minutes… Sean got really annoying. I told him I was going to build him a house in Minecraft and he started to steal my controller. I was 10 years older than him so I instantly didn’t hesitate. He was pressing all the wrong buttons and he refused to let me help him. I really got annoyed.

But all things went well after I contemplated the situation. I can hear them laughing after I exerted real kid-friendly efforts.

  1. Get stuffs that can entertain them.
    I told my older sister if she could help me by getting my iPad in my room. As she did so, Sean and Faith’s attention were diverted and they played the plank together happily. If sources like that are unavailable, try giving them books or give them a small toy. OR YOU! You can entertain them yourself.
  2. Talk slowly and clearly in a way they can understand.
    Even if you are really frustrated or annoyed, don’t let them notice you are. There are two possible tendencies; either they continue annoying you or be blue and lose their energy to do anything
  3. Ride on with what they think.
    If they say that unicorns are real, just go with it. The saddest part on being a child is knowing that the things they love aren’t real. They’ll grow out of it some how.
  4. Cheer on whatever they are doing.
    Whether they are playing games, dancing, watching TV, or just sitting around, chant “Yay! Go little kid, you can do it”. Be an awesome friend to the kids.
  5. Remember that you were a kid once .
    If you really think that they are a nuisance, also consider that you were also a burden to others too long ago. Treat kids as much as you want other people to treat your children in the future run. Not everybody will understand this but you will probably after some time
  6. Give them something to munch
    I gave my fluffy little friends Skittles. Haha Skittle. I see them munching bit by bit. Awwww
  7. Watch some cool toons
    Awwww. Try some Adventure time!! Or just open up the tv and let them choose the channel

I’m sorry but I’m really distracted right now. I’ll probably update this later. See ya! :)x

Please, you can add more suggestion on the comments below! Leave a reply 😉


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