How To Stop Faking a Smile


There might be a lot of reasons why you should be sad. The world just never stops until it gives you challenges that you should conquer to be able to gain strength and courage to face your future.

One time, I tried asking an adult for an advice, the outlook wasn't that great in my opinion.

"I'm not having fun today. I'm really sad and depressed. I don't like anything here. I want to escape from this ambiance"

How dare you say that? Just think about the people around you that are suffering greater problems. That’s so childish of you. You’re so lucky in where you are right now

I was not really happy and satisfied with this advice

Why should I bother and ponder my time thinking about the miserable?

Thinking about them makes me more sad.

It’s wrong to compare myself to others.

It’s either you weigh yourself down-which is not good, or put others down-which isn’t good either.

But somehow I understand what the advice says, the adult just wanted me to be happier, but I am not happy knowing that the situation of others are darker than those of mine.

Remember to be just who your MELON HEART says.

Follow what your heart says..
You don’t need other people to make yourself feel special. ‘Cause you’re already special in your own way
Don’t compare yourself to those ahead of you or neither the ones below you.

  1. Take some time out of your home. Take a vacation in the mountains, forests, beach, oceans or anywhere breathtaking. Go to a place where you can confide with nature and admire it’s beauty. Go out in peace and just enjoy the view. LOVE IT. There you can have time for yourself and you can thank God for giving you such wonderful things. With peace beside you, I’m sure you’ll realize the good things.
  2. Enjoy the little things Big things comes in small packages. Like the kindness you show today can be gathered up little by little, then at the end of everything, all your hard work will pay off.
  3. Enjoy the company of your Real Friends Try to talk to your friends and have fun together. Not just look down on the screen of your phone. GO TO THEM. Because socializing in your phones are really just a sham. You are really confident on your conversations on your phones but really shy in real life. So go to them. In that way, you can really see them and enjoy. But choose them wisely. Don’t go out to those who influence you wrongly.
  4. Forgive. Trust me, it’s really a pain keeping anger and revenge inside.
  5. Be with your family Since they are the first ones to show you love, why not share a laugh with them?
  6. Listen to relaxing tunes Try some songs by Sara Bareilles or Ana Laura.
  7. Stop thinking you’re lonely No man is an island. Of course, there will always be someone wanting to be with you
  8. Just be Patient. Good things come to those who wait Persevere and work hard to reach your dreams. Bunches of loots will come back to make you feel happy.
  9. Spread Your Love Love one another. Share good influences to others. Share smiles.
  10. Use your imagination THE SKY IS THE LIMIT? no, haha there are footprints on the moon mmm,kay? The only limitation there is ahead of you… is your own imagination. RUN WILD!


Leave me a reply! Comment your suggestions.

Have an auspicious day!


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