Things taken for granted?


I’d like to tell you all how I really hate it when people talk gormlessly about me. Oh, if ever I hear someone say so, I turn my back and start a fight. I don’t let people talk that way to me. Huh!! I’ll punch people a couple of times and then there’s just this sudden outburst of feeling and I wanna cry and all. I KNOW YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY. PS.. I’m kind, I have never punch anyone who pissed me off … YET.

A couple of things you take for granted:

The beautiful grandma who watched you grow, who tells you story and entertain you, who cried when you were born and said “hey, she’s a beauty, how wonderful she is”. Now that her memory is dull, you run away from her.

The number of times you eat. Sometimes, I mean, all the time, children from all races and ages are dying because of hunger. It wasn’t their fault they were naturally born poor. Silly actions. Silly silly.

The perfect working body you have. With all the diseases and injuries one can attain, It’s wonderful that you can still read this clearly or to function your brain.

Your old friend that helped you through the years. You have forgotten his name cause he is no longer in your class.

That small waging waiter who accidentally spilled water on you and you were in rage??

The comfy bed or couch you have in your house… Some people just lay around on grass, sticks, cold.. Harddd ground. Oh oh oh trouble troubl trouble .. sorry

The parents who still sustains you. The ones who brought you into life. The ones who fed you. The ones who always provides you. I GET IT THAT YOU’LL SAY BUT MY MOM IS STRICT, BOSSY, SHE NEVER GIVES ME ANY STUFF I WANT, I WANNA GO TO JAPAN BUT SHE WON’T LET ME, MY MOM IS NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH SO SHE COULD GET A HIGHER INCOME AND GIVE ME THIS AND THAT….. Well, sorry my friend… just so you know, for is normal people, money really really and it can provide happiness ….. But for people like me, money isn’t easy… Not everyone can afford this and that… And if your desire is to have money… then keep dreaming until you die.. For people who long for money never gets satisfied.

Sorry, it’s like this special days when I am having cyclothymia and dysthymia attacks. I just type down whatever I wanted to say. Sorry if it is ugly, or hurting, please understand my condition.

tell me how your day was!! 🙂
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