Hey guys I haven’t been writing for so long. The thing is I have been hospitalized and diagnosed with …….. ( let’s keep it low on that, okay? )

But one thing I could share is that Depression
led me into having this mind blogging mess. It’s really hard being happy and all in some given time and then figure out nobody cares. Trust me, I punch myself all the time literally and feel happy on another second.

I go to therapy all the time though but it’s really hard

You over there could say “Get over it” Well guess what I hope I could do that easily. People tell that to me almost every second of the day but really, it doesn’t help even by an inch.

Moving on, my mom has been helping me figure it all out. I don’t know if I’m stubborn or what… nothing is happening. I’m still sad, sick, ugly & alone. I only see her twice in a week.

I know it’s a common disorder and that most people have major depression I just want you to know that we could care for each other.

We could help each other out.

Why aren’t we doing that lately? Let’s do this thing!!

So, tell me how your day was. Type down in the comments below and give me your email account so we can start SHARING!!!

šŸ™‚ have a nice day



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