Job Planning?


What should i say?

   Hi my name is Vin and I’m 14. This year I’d be turning 15 and yeah, sucks, I’m getting older. But, this would mean more challenges, more experience, more fun and more terrible, terrible stress. Moreover, at school we are given talks and lectures about what cool occupations should we get to be garner success!

  And this just sank my heart to the deepest abyss of earth. Personally, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!! I just want all these nature talks to stop. So, one time I visited a doctor because I was sick and he later on asked me what I want to be in the future. I was silent. My mom told him “she’s undecided”. The doctor frowned and said I should have some basis for my future and even at this age I should have my own choice and to find myself.


 First off, I study and do my projects on time at school and I felt like the doctor was trying to say that I’m one of those wayward kids who are into sex and drugs. Well, no. Just because I can’t find my forte yet doesn’t mean I’m a worthless piece of gum that you stick everywhere. Why is the world judging me? (I’m kidding)

  The good thing is, I’m still breathing and I’m still capable and surely, what I would become is just beneath a cloud in my brain. The truth is I really wanna be a Race car Driver but everyone says it’s not worthwhile. My family, my friends, they all say I’m wasting my academic years for this simple s##t!

It’s not even a real job! (They say)

 It makes me sad that these people in my life, these people I seem to get along with are trying to make me follow lives of others.

A doctor like Mr. Lee

A lawyer like Ms. Saunders

A diplomat like Mrs Evans

When would it be my turn to choose who I wanna be?

You force me to be this other person! But what about me?!

What about Vin who is waiting for you to take your hats of ignorance off?!


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