1. Go For Wings


One misty day, there lived thousands of fairies of all sorts. There were red fairies; the warriors, there were yellow fairies; keeper of all gold, there were blue fairies; purifier of water, there were purple fairies, the peacekeepers, there were green fairies, the land workers and there were orange fairies; the highest cast of fairies. They presume that the orange fairies are their kings and queens. And no one shall go against them. In all other aspects, they make all the other fairies work for their land and work until they fall from weariness. The orange fairies were feared, like a lion, they roamed the village. Everybody here was searching for something more. They were searching for a hero.

On a corner of a street, lived a pink fairy, yes, she was different, she had no wings, and no particular set of cast. No friends, no family, no one to accompany her. Her name is Lea. She is no ordinary fairy, nor was she better. Lea had this dream of being the hero everyone is looking for. But she had no wings, she had no friends, she has nothing. She never stopped looking for answers, she never stopped learning the truth, she never stopped looking for her cast-mates.

So then, the adventure begins! She set out to every district looking for answers, asking everyone if they knew anyone of pink. But no one knew. At District Tanusia, there she met an old blue fairy. “Hello, there! Excuse me, but I am Lea and do you know anyone who is like me?” she asked. “What do you mean?” the lady questioned back.


“No child, sorry”

At District Refeirt, Lea didn’t have the chance to question anyone. It is because everyone is too busy and everyone is to snobby.

She set out further, walking and not flying like the others. At District Gudyban, the busiest town ever, Lea bumped into someone, a green fairy.

“Excuse me?” a boy her age hissed.

“Sorry, I was looking for something I didn’t…” Lea stopped when the boy cut through her sentence.

“You’re a pink too?” the boy whispered.

“Is that a good thing?” Lea said.

The boy abruptly threw a heavy sack-like cloth over Lea to hide her from everyone. “What are you doing?” she angrily asked trying to break through the cloth. “Listen to me, I have no bad intentions for you, I need you to listen to me.” he said quietly.

“My name is Josh and I’m taking you to our place, my grandmother can answer your questions.”

“What do you mean, is she pink?”

“Yeah, she is. It is unsafe for anyone like you here outside”

Josh then held his hand over Lea’s shoulder and they went a different direction. “I like this cape” Lea joked. Josh smiled


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