Wildest Dreams~

not mine

Have you been dreaming lately?

Well, as crazy as it sounds, I don’t really remember my dreams that much at night. Scientists says that everyone has 2-3 dreams per night, it’s just that we don’t remember it. Isn’t it cool? Even if we are sleeping, our brains still function and enter into its sub-conscious state. That is cool. It’s like experiencing something unreal but we feel, we see, we hear it. How do they work?

I don’t know. Did someone discover it? Well, I’m not smart and I don’t know. Are dreams real? Like is there a world? Like do we substantially transfer our physical form into another ‘dream’ world?

Literally have no idea

I think about the blind people, they must admire the whole dream thing, and how amazing could it be when they see us and other different things as what they are in dreams. Like for example, a tree, when blind people dream, do they see a tree as what it exactly is?

Great~  I want to interview a blind person next time.

So I wanna hear from you, what do you dream about? Care to tell me? That would be fantastic!


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