I’m a girl and I can (perhaps)


              Yes, I’m a girl and I always hear people say I cannot.


yes cute isn’t it?

I remember that time when I told my mum that I wanted to be a priest. I know I can’t cause I’m a girl. No worries, I researched on why women can’t be priests but still, I can’t seem to comprehend the predicament. But anyways, dream over cause girls can’t. No hate on religion and how the leaders run things\

I recall the trip I had with my grandfather. We went on our farm and there was this mango tree. I wanted to climb but he told me no. Girls can’t climb trees, only men.

I reminisce one instance when my teacher wouldn’t let me help out because I’m a girl. Instead he waited for the boys to be of aid. He said no to my face cause I’m a girl; a weak girl.

Sometimes, we often think that when men say “you can’t cause you’re a girl”, it means they are degrading us. #MenEmpowerment

But really

I get offended but I think they were just trying to be polite. Traditions, cultures, & routines of the past specialized on making women prim, proper, homely, & graceful. Back then, our ancestors were trying to keep the purity of women.

Gentlemen, doing the work for the ladies.

We can never really tell if an action done is bad or good. There are good intentions behind bad actions done. There are bad intentions behind good actions done

(Except when you know what they’re doing is rude and obscene)

I’m writing this because I can.

I’m telling you my opinion because I can

I still have my faith on humanity because I still do.

I still trust men because I can.

Let’s make things right

For our future brethren

Be courteous. Be honest. Be charitable. Be dignified.




My heart hurts

I know, so does yours

Thing is, you probably felt it before and this is the first time mine did

Periods when I can’t think straight

Periods when I don’t want to do a thing

I barely even make an effort on writing this

My brain hurts

I know, cause it’s who and what I am

Truth is, my thoughts are stabbing me and in this memory I fall and fall hopelessly

Moments when I can’t say a word

Moments when life could drag me around

I barely even rise from my bed

My eyes hurt

I know, it’s you who I see, no one else

It is, and I can’t seem to denote how to get you out

Visions of the first time I saw you

Visions of the day I just ruptured

I barely even see the light

My stomach hurts

I know,  my creatures can’t find any pollen

Fear is, losing something that was never yours but you thought it was, drip of thought

That feeling you get when you know you’re going to fall and you kept waiting for the impact

That feeling you get when a someone asks you out but then was just tripping with friends

I barely even eat since you decided to leave

All my organs hurt

I know, you know, both of us know, you did it; a criminal, a traitor, a swine

Hatred is, I hate myself, hate myself that I could never stop loving you

I assumed that you’ll come back and be here but I could hope forever, just hope

I assumed that time would heal my broken organs, organs that were meant for you to break, but it didn’t

I barely even, barely even at at all