Rights & Freedom VS My Church’s Teachings


In all honesty, I have no shame in saying that I love the ‘LGBT’ community. Especially, back then I was a part of it. And now that countries from all over the world adjusted their systems to initiate the right of all men whether straight, bi, trans, gay, lesbian, or basically in all other terms there is for what you are, you have an equal right to present who you are, equal right to marry the person you love, equal right to express who and what makes you a person. It’s a beauty. It’s a way of showing that we have choices in life that could either reprimand us or acknowledge us. I love my co human beings. The labels, race, religion, or to what group we belong to does not deem us good or bad in society. I love my men just because I still believe that we are all good, true that we do make mistakes but quite frankly, it’s human nature. I love people cause we are brothers in this world and we are companions into the fate that lies upon us in this galaxy.

PS. there are people who maltreated me and the people I love and it takes guts to love those people so just you know, understand my exceptions 

On the other half, my religious leaders tend to conserve what there is from then and now. They preserve the doctrines of the early church or better yet what is scripted in our Holy Book. I admit that I am somebody who is fervent to the church. My faith and belief hold strongly to what I believe in and what I focus my life on.

This is one of the issues where I am really really really blue about. Unlike the Reproductive Health Bill Issue and other issues that involves the church and the state, on all those other topics, I have a stable answer to. It sucks cause I can’t make up my mind on this one.

I also know that you cannot put ‘religion’ in debates because not everyone has the same religion. But come to think of it, religion plays an evident role in the way we think and how we put our lives into work. (my mind’s messed up, bros)

 I love my church and to it shall I abide

But my past experience says otherwise


So here’s my vote.

I HAVE NO IDEA. When it comes to gender, no one should put their votes in.

Why, you say?

Because when it comes to gender, we would all choose the side on the party we belong to.

When it comes to gender, no one freaking is omniscient.

(I know for a fact that some Church people would side with same-sex marriage when they are in fact, not STRAIGHT)

(I know for a fact that some ‘LGBT’ would side with Christian teachings for in fact, they have immense faith)

If you have thoughts you wanna share, please comment. So, in both ways, we help ourselves learn more.


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