I am judged… constantly being bickered on


How subtle… some people really are.

Sometimes, I can’t help thinking how nice my intentions were and how I executed everything from my heart without stepping on someone. It’s funny how one statement could change everything and it all boils down to me being the bad one.

Without hearing my side, without consulting me, it’s me.

“A man is innocent unless proven guilty”

Let me just remind you, please.

Over trivial issues, you formed a squad targeting my death. Saying things repeatedly as if you were Vlad the Impaler. On the side note, I have thought of my death more than all your ideas combined. I am not scared. You taught me that. It’s ironic.

Furthermore, I just want you to know how much you’ve hurt me. You thought I hurt you, but I didn’t. You pushed through your thoughts. It hurts. It hurts the more thinking about how you slammed me. Honestly, you rely too much on your subliminal thoughts. You see yourself, you forgot there are other people around you too that you’re pushing away for no valid reason.

I am judged, worst of it all, by you.

You may know a lot but you don’t know all.



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