Tingle Bingle



Your eyes covered by those thick frames

Can see past my soul and through my heart

Your hair, the way they stay that way 

I’d think of it until you planned to shave them off

I can’t look you in the eye

Or else I’ll end up looking down smiling

 I can’t stay calm knowing you’re around

My nerves are crazy, hyped and energetic

By the way you smile, I just feel so light

Like all my problems floated with their wings

If only I could see you smile everyday

I’d live on that moment forever

My first tingle bingle and you’re the bingo

How did it ever start to be this way?

I never expected this to happen

Never knew it would be you

I like you how I like saying the word ‘like’

You’re on my mind like butter on toast

Your warm touch is something I’m searching for

But… do you like me too?

It’s hard to ask because it’s hard to know

Scared of hearing ‘no’, surprised of hearing ‘yes’

When could it be? When could we be?

We? It’s a dream, a crazy metaphoric dream

If we ever had a song, I’d name it ‘You’

You are my harmony, you are my rhyme

You keep my rhythm not in blues

You complete my music staff

Cheesy? Don’t worry I hate cheese

But I like the words ‘stuff’ and ‘food’… foodstuffs!

We can binge on some popcorn

While also binging on some film 

Tell me it’s not just me and my stupid fantasy

Is there a tiny gap for me in your heart

Or is it just me?

I don’t like that


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