I meet dangers upon my way
as visible as the night that is

I am constantly being kept awake
adhering to some notions that would not
benefit me, maybe it would but I don’t feel it

It’s terrible. It makes me terrible.
I am terrible. My finger cannot
pinpoint any culprit as to any
hideous crime but myself.
It’s completely impeccable yet
it’s making me die.

I’m dying every second but
no one knows. No one knows
because no one cares. I have
given up all my cares and
now I finally have none.

Should I make a poem for you?
Or would it be an habitual gag?
I’m sorry but honestly I’m scared
Scared and worried because of nothing

I’m so scared I might lose you
Yet I’m so scared to lose myself
But when I weigh us both in my heart
I would always, always, pick you

Days will pass, our footsteps will part
My feelings? Oh, they’re irrelevant as time
The only way it could be strong and vital
Is for a tiny drip of your feelings too

I’m falling and falling and falling
I thought it was falling in love
But it turned out to be falling out of love
Because you never loved me and I’m scared

I’m scared because I was so ready
I’m scared because I feel like my lungs are stopping
I’m scared because you’re not here
Yet most of all, I’m scared of letting you go

And it continues to haunt me


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