It was a lonely chilly night
And I didn’t want the company of bars and cheers
I wanted to listen to my own sound
I went outside to be alone 

In the right place, at the right moment
We talked, we conversed
And did awful lot of beautiful stuff
For me, I guess

There were moments of catching up
Telling random tales and whatnots
These were things we usually did
Ended up ending them and now here it starts

If memory is the scribe of the soul
Then music is the mirror of the soul
There were many commonalities between us
Thus defining our love for music that stills the world

We played a song and I couldn’t help but shake my arms a bit
It was my favorite tune of all
I didn’t tell you that ’cause it’s also yours
In the span of that minute I thought to myself it was a good night

I like how amazing things can get
Without me actually realizing any of this
The lights became clearer
My eyes finally have seen color

Yet I have this feeling crawling to my chest
Saying that there is something not right
Something that can weigh this beautiful night to the ground
It’s probably because the song we were playing was about to end

It was just a song in a million of other songs
There were more, probably better, probably catchier
It stung my backbone and gave it narrow chills
It’s quite difficult to be attached and to be detached quite too soon

I hope the song will continue playing not just any song
He swiped up and pressed that circular arrow and tapped it twice
“Now, it’s on repeat” and gave a smile


Let Me


Trying to invite love into ourselves
Is like trying to cross a tight rope on top of deep water
When you fail to balance yourself, you’ll fall
And so you continuously dive in the air

Trying to love someone
Is diving into a small narrow dark hole
There’s no visionaries available
But you still make the jump

Trying to think you have a shot at love
Is like riding a car sinking into the ocean
It will cut your breath and drown you
You won’t be able to get out of it.

So if this is love, why do we still fall?
If we knew we’re only going to be hurt
Why do we do it? Why do we still strive for it?
What’s with love anyways?

Love, in its old-fashioned way, makes us strong
When we love, we learn to fight for something
That we want to last forever
Even if the universe forbids

Love is much more than just liking someone who is likable
We care and give it to imperfect people
And we still love them despite their flaws
And you know what? It makes us feel alive

Falling in love is scary, full of danger
It won’t always beget the things we expect
It will fall under our expectations
Some are just lucky

What I’ve learned from that boy is that
It’s fun to walk on a tight rope
It’s so great to dive into a dark hole
It’s okay to stay in a sinking car

Because for the first time, I don’t need permission to love
I don’t need reassurance
Because me loving is a judgment of my character
Not anyone else’s

When I jump off that cliff because of love
Not knowing if there will be a cushion of reciprocated love beneath
I should be okay
I believe I’d do fine

When I fall restlessly, the air will be flowing against me
That feeling will be very relaxing and I would never feel the same gush of risk ever again
When I fall to the bottom whether it be cushioned or not
I’d be okay because for one, the wind was rising because of me