How To Stop Faking a Smile


There might be a lot of reasons why you should be sad. The world just never stops until it gives you challenges that you should conquer to be able to gain strength and courage to face your future.

One time, I tried asking an adult for an advice, the outlook wasn't that great in my opinion.

"I'm not having fun today. I'm really sad and depressed. I don't like anything here. I want to escape from this ambiance"

How dare you say that? Just think about the people around you that are suffering greater problems. That’s so childish of you. You’re so lucky in where you are right now

I was not really happy and satisfied with this advice

Why should I bother and ponder my time thinking about the miserable?

Thinking about them makes me more sad.

It’s wrong to compare myself to others.

It’s either you weigh yourself down-which is not good, or put others down-which isn’t good either.

But somehow I understand what the advice says, the adult just wanted me to be happier, but I am not happy knowing that the situation of others are darker than those of mine.

Remember to be just who your MELON HEART says.

Follow what your heart says..
You don’t need other people to make yourself feel special. ‘Cause you’re already special in your own way
Don’t compare yourself to those ahead of you or neither the ones below you.

  1. Take some time out of your home. Take a vacation in the mountains, forests, beach, oceans or anywhere breathtaking. Go to a place where you can confide with nature and admire it’s beauty. Go out in peace and just enjoy the view. LOVE IT. There you can have time for yourself and you can thank God for giving you such wonderful things. With peace beside you, I’m sure you’ll realize the good things.
  2. Enjoy the little things Big things comes in small packages. Like the kindness you show today can be gathered up little by little, then at the end of everything, all your hard work will pay off.
  3. Enjoy the company of your Real Friends Try to talk to your friends and have fun together. Not just look down on the screen of your phone. GO TO THEM. Because socializing in your phones are really just a sham. You are really confident on your conversations on your phones but really shy in real life. So go to them. In that way, you can really see them and enjoy. But choose them wisely. Don’t go out to those who influence you wrongly.
  4. Forgive. Trust me, it’s really a pain keeping anger and revenge inside.
  5. Be with your family Since they are the first ones to show you love, why not share a laugh with them?
  6. Listen to relaxing tunes Try some songs by Sara Bareilles or Ana Laura.
  7. Stop thinking you’re lonely No man is an island. Of course, there will always be someone wanting to be with you
  8. Just be Patient. Good things come to those who wait Persevere and work hard to reach your dreams. Bunches of loots will come back to make you feel happy.
  9. Spread Your Love Love one another. Share good influences to others. Share smiles.
  10. Use your imagination THE SKY IS THE LIMIT? no, haha there are footprints on the moon mmm,kay? The only limitation there is ahead of you… is your own imagination. RUN WILD!


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How to reach out to the 3Ls



Today, we often forget that the people around us have feelings too- they can feel pain, they can feel happiness just like you. We try to put ourselves first and we forget to put ourselves in the shoes of others.

Just like the Golden Rule :

Do to others what you want others to do into you

So today, I’ll be sharing some small ways wherein we can help the 3L’s;
LOST, LEAST, & LUST. Just like what I said before; we need to put on the shoes of other people so we can appreciate the life we have and be satisfied with the blessings upon us.

With so, if we refuse to help the needy, poor and the outcasts, we would also be detesting God. Remember, even if a few men push you away and give up on you, God will never leave you. God loves you. We are lost without God. We are least without God and we are lust without Him.

Do you have a room with a roof?
Do you have a nice, comfy, warm bed to rest upon?
Do you eat 3 times a day?
Do you have proper attire to protect your body?

If you said yes, you are probably richer and more blessed than 75% of the world.

Reflect on the miseries of other people that you don’t have?

I know that we all have different problems that our different ideas and opinions can comprehend. But also if we feel a little happy and satisfied, wouldn’t it be a great idea if we stop for awhile? Get out of our comfort zone and help out our brothers and sisters.

  1. Volunteer on any advocacies or projects. There you can help group organizers repack goods to be sent to Third World Countries or when a calamity strikes a country. A small helping hand can make a big difference when CHARITY is involved.
  2. Offer to read bible readings or storybooks to orphans Orphans kind of have a short upbringing depending on the caregivers they have and the orphanage they are staying in. To help these small impressive kids, why don’t we try to teach them manners aside from properly educating them and teach then the value of love, trustworthiness and camaraderie among their friends who they treat like a family inside.
  3. Have some old toys? You can try visiting some village or small coastal areas and give the little kids you see playing around your old cool fun stuffs
  4. Is it your birthday? Last year when I turned thirteen, I didn’t have any time to celebrate my birthday at all. I was on top of a mountain with a group of people. We were there to give away school supplies to the children who are studying there and we also had a small feeding program. I used up all the money that were supposed to be used for my birthday and spent it all up there.
  5. Let’s use our brain and help in many possible ways There are many possible ways on how we could help. If we are also financially lost, then of course we could also help in a way we won’t need to pay.
  6. Remember that helping isn’t just about giving money to the poor, donating your old clothes and stuffs. Think about it. Helping doesn’t always mean they take more from you. Just remember that even if they take stuffs from you, you are being refilled by God anyways.

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How to deal with little kids?


My neighbors

One day, I heard a knock from our back door and I saw my dad inviting two little kids into our house. (I was playing Minecraft at that time)

Sean : 4 years old

Faith : 6 years old

They were both nice and pleasant for awhile then after a couple of minutes… Sean got really annoying. I told him I was going to build him a house in Minecraft and he started to steal my controller. I was 10 years older than him so I instantly didn’t hesitate. He was pressing all the wrong buttons and he refused to let me help him. I really got annoyed.

But all things went well after I contemplated the situation. I can hear them laughing after I exerted real kid-friendly efforts.

  1. Get stuffs that can entertain them.
    I told my older sister if she could help me by getting my iPad in my room. As she did so, Sean and Faith’s attention were diverted and they played the plank together happily. If sources like that are unavailable, try giving them books or give them a small toy. OR YOU! You can entertain them yourself.
  2. Talk slowly and clearly in a way they can understand.
    Even if you are really frustrated or annoyed, don’t let them notice you are. There are two possible tendencies; either they continue annoying you or be blue and lose their energy to do anything
  3. Ride on with what they think.
    If they say that unicorns are real, just go with it. The saddest part on being a child is knowing that the things they love aren’t real. They’ll grow out of it some how.
  4. Cheer on whatever they are doing.
    Whether they are playing games, dancing, watching TV, or just sitting around, chant “Yay! Go little kid, you can do it”. Be an awesome friend to the kids.
  5. Remember that you were a kid once .
    If you really think that they are a nuisance, also consider that you were also a burden to others too long ago. Treat kids as much as you want other people to treat your children in the future run. Not everybody will understand this but you will probably after some time
  6. Give them something to munch
    I gave my fluffy little friends Skittles. Haha Skittle. I see them munching bit by bit. Awwww
  7. Watch some cool toons
    Awwww. Try some Adventure time!! Or just open up the tv and let them choose the channel

I’m sorry but I’m really distracted right now. I’ll probably update this later. See ya! :)x

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There are a lot of ways we can do to make us better people.

Why is that whenever I stay outdoors, all I can sense and absorb is negativity?
Like last time, I was in a book shop and I heard two teenage girls sitting on the ground, pretending to read books, and they were gossiping about this certain girl they pity and about teenage “love” drama. It’s crazy.


Believe it or not, I smiled at them and said “excuse me” as I moved past them.

My point is one shall never judge another. Although it was unfavorable, I should show them kindness because if I acted sick upon them, I’m being rude and that’s not nice.


    1. Always remember to assume that rumors are false. One cannot validate a statement by hearing it from a couple of men. Even if it is from a reliable friend or source as long as it’s a judgment against another and it’s offensive, please do not enlarge the capacity of what they say.
    2. People are entitled to their own opinions, just like you and I I admire the idea of having unique thoughts and conceptions about the things in our world. What hurts me the most is that too much of this can offend and hamper others. Keep it in mind that your gift shall be used for peace and not for conflicts.
    3. Stay away from friends who often talk about other’s flaws Friends come and go. Your friend right now may not be your friend a year and so later. If your ‘known’ friends talk about the unpopular person in your school, correct him/her. If you didn’t, you’re not a true friend.
    4. Be plus plus!!! Everyone will be talking about the negativity of something. Everybody will be focusing on the darkness and try to weigh you down. So to counterfeit and defend yourselves from the obscure, put on smile and count the positive materials surrounding you.
    5. Show love to those who hurt you. Let God do the rest about him/her. Do not attempt to do revenge on yourself. When they throw you rocks, throw them food (bread). If they slap you on the cheek, turn your head and let them slap the other side.
    6. We all need negativity though. We need the bad side to realize the importance of the good side. The definition of words cannot be complete without its antonym. Negative comments towards you can help you gain the actual faults that you can change.
    7. Treat everyone as if they are about to die Nuff said, you can apprehend this already. I’m sorry for that… I should’ve said “Treat others as much as you want them to treat you as well”


I’m not shouting it mad, sorry my netiquette is reaaalllly awful.