Have you ever felt that sudden intense gush of cold sugars inside your veins? 

I haven’t… or maybe I did. I just didn’t realized it yet that time.
I’m struggling to keep the expectation of others. And it stifles my throat reducing my oxygen intake. I can’t take it anymore but at the same time I still want to pursue what I want- what they want for me to accomplish.

I wanna drown. Then float back up again with loss of control. I grew cold, colder and colder each minute. 

But at the sound of the chimes played harmoniusly by the wind, I heard Him. He wants me to want something something the world cannot provide. For all the world can give is temporary, they perish. 





Bros! Please stop sending chain mails. Why? Here’s why;

  1.  It inflicts fear
    Fear of the consequence will grow inside the head of the reader. Making him susceptible to anxiety and panic. If for example, the message says “Share this to 40 friends or you’ll die”, there is no doubt the reader will be frightened and so will his/her friends. It’s never a nice, peaceful world where fear grows every now and then.
    “Have the courage to end it. Don’t forward the message. Instead go on, nothing will happen. If something did, what are the possibilities?”

  2. Wastes time
    You really are just wasting your time sending it to your friends or even to bother reading it. Life is short, invest the time you have left for your family, profession or a hobby.

  3. This has been going on for a decade
    C’mon everyone, seriously?!?! It’s 2015, wake up! No one believes on that.
    “GROW UP!”

  4. People would do the silliest request
    Oh, I have seen people going through those chain mails and doing everything it says for immunity or for the prize it says. LIKE WHAT? Bruh, just, lol I can’t. I’ve seen people do it. -_-

  5. Internet people posts these stuff / sends these stuff for fame
         Imagine someone saying. Like/Comment/Share… Retweet for … Reblog for…   They just want their page to be famous. BROS PLEASE JUST NO
    It’s not funny, you won’t have luck for that retweet, it will just make you stupid for falling into the trap. NOTHING scary will happen if you don’t reblog or share that.


    Don’t you dare attach the name of God.
    His Holy Name
    Don’t use it
    How disrespectful

    Like for Heaven
    Ignore for Devil

    BROS COULD YOU JUST?!?! *sighs*

    Let’s get this on point. Did God ever tell us that our key to heaven is liking a post?


    It’s probably fine to share quotes from the bible or for a prayer. In fact, it’s our mission! TO SHARE THE WORD OF GOD



    There are some good chain mails. (not called a chain mail)
    It could be a prayer brigade or a message containing nice words to greet the day that you can send to your friends. We call it Happy Greetings! Those are the nice ‘group messages’.

    Maybe it is okay to send chain messages. I just wish you enough discernment to know which to forward. 🙂

Rights & Freedom VS My Church’s Teachings


In all honesty, I have no shame in saying that I love the ‘LGBT’ community. Especially, back then I was a part of it. And now that countries from all over the world adjusted their systems to initiate the right of all men whether straight, bi, trans, gay, lesbian, or basically in all other terms there is for what you are, you have an equal right to present who you are, equal right to marry the person you love, equal right to express who and what makes you a person. It’s a beauty. It’s a way of showing that we have choices in life that could either reprimand us or acknowledge us. I love my co human beings. The labels, race, religion, or to what group we belong to does not deem us good or bad in society. I love my men just because I still believe that we are all good, true that we do make mistakes but quite frankly, it’s human nature. I love people cause we are brothers in this world and we are companions into the fate that lies upon us in this galaxy.

PS. there are people who maltreated me and the people I love and it takes guts to love those people so just you know, understand my exceptions 

On the other half, my religious leaders tend to conserve what there is from then and now. They preserve the doctrines of the early church or better yet what is scripted in our Holy Book. I admit that I am somebody who is fervent to the church. My faith and belief hold strongly to what I believe in and what I focus my life on.

This is one of the issues where I am really really really blue about. Unlike the Reproductive Health Bill Issue and other issues that involves the church and the state, on all those other topics, I have a stable answer to. It sucks cause I can’t make up my mind on this one.

I also know that you cannot put ‘religion’ in debates because not everyone has the same religion. But come to think of it, religion plays an evident role in the way we think and how we put our lives into work. (my mind’s messed up, bros)

 I love my church and to it shall I abide

But my past experience says otherwise


So here’s my vote.

I HAVE NO IDEA. When it comes to gender, no one should put their votes in.

Why, you say?

Because when it comes to gender, we would all choose the side on the party we belong to.

When it comes to gender, no one freaking is omniscient.

(I know for a fact that some Church people would side with same-sex marriage when they are in fact, not STRAIGHT)

(I know for a fact that some ‘LGBT’ would side with Christian teachings for in fact, they have immense faith)

If you have thoughts you wanna share, please comment. So, in both ways, we help ourselves learn more.

Things to Realize Part 1: Happiness


I’m back! I’m here again with my series called Things to Realize. Basically, it is about stuff I learned in 2 months time while whining everyday. Life is a big pain, somehow happiness is quite dull and 15 miles away.

What makes you happy?

What makes you excited?

What is the best thing you love?

What gives you inspiration to live?

Basically, if it’s money, haha forget it. Money isn’t that discreet, it’s a number, it never ends. Your longing and desire for money never ends. Happiness starts when you accomplish or received something.

What I realized:

I realized that Happiness comes and go. You can be happy right now, you can be sad an hour later. It depends in your situation. The world will not stop giving pain and strife. NEWSFLASH! No one’s immune. Even if you are 10 ft tall, a billionaire or whatever, there’s problems ahead your line. The poor may say at least you are not feeling this, not feeling that, but we have different levels of thinking and actions. Things a person can do that you can’t. So being judgmental is a big mistake in our generation.

Just find happiness in small things and get excited. Appreciate the the little things you have please please please. Like taking a bath, watching a tv, lock in your brain that you haven’t done that for 3000 years…..

I am craaaaazzzzyyyy

If you are unhappy, and thinks that you can’t be happy anymore, here’s the thing:

Why don’t you say that you have JOY in your heart…?

JOY is different than happiness.

Grammatically yes…
But essentially no…

Joy is more than a state of being or characterized by.

It is the knowledge that God loves you and he will never leave you alone.

With God holding your hand, nothing can go wrong…..

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