What’s it worth?


I can remember everything like it was yesterday
I recall those days I thought I was something to you
I want to savor those moments with you
I can remember, but I can’t go back

Maybe it was that simple for you
A sudden gush of feelings wouldn’t call to mind
Raging emotions is something easy to be dealt with
I also thought you were feeling it too

On days I needed help your smile was there to comfort
Not really minding what other people would say
I disregarded everything and felt secured

Lots of funny happenings have occurred
Over the seas and skies beyond
Very deep thoughts and kind gestures played everyday
Every single damn moment we’re together

Game’s unfair and I’m losing
On days I can’t stand up, you weren’t there
On green plains where I wanted to rest, I was alone
Days are few and time is fleeting
But now it’s time to forget this stupidity
You are not worth any fight
Especially now that I need to find myself